Book Review | The Wild One by Gemma Burgess

Gemma Burgess
Advance Reader Copy, 292 pages
Publication date:
November 10th 2015
Atria Books
Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Once again, Gemma Burgess made me connect with a character that I didn’t think I’d have plenty in common with. The title, The Wild One threw me for a loop since I was expecting a completely different story than what I read. Fortunately, The Wild One turned out to be an incredibly sweet story about figuring out what brings you joy in life and going for it.

Anyways, while Coco is the protagonist of The Wild One, we also get updates on how the other girls like Pia and Angie are doing as they all still live together. Having enjoyed Angie’s story in Love and Chaos I’m glad to learn that she’s doing well and is in high spirits. Additionally, while I wasn’t a fan of Pia and her boyfriend Aidan in the previous books, The Wild One endeared me to their relationship. However, my favorite aspect of the Brooklyn Girls series is the group dynamics between the five girls is truly heartwarming and I love how they grow together and learn to support each other while still occasionally getting into disagreements with one another.

As mentioned before from the other books, I didn’t think I’d have much in common with Coco therefore I was surprised to learn that we share a love of books and reading. On the other hand, I found I had less in common with her older sister Julia than I had initially thought. Although similar to her, I do have a slight tendency to be judgmental of others.

Given how much I love this series, I truly hope there will be more books in the series and that this isn’t the last book as I desperately need a book that focuses on Julia and how she moves on from the events of The Wild One. Though regardless of whether or not, there’s another book, The Wild One is a fantastic addition to the Brooklyn Girls series and it’s definitely a book I’d recommend particularly for those in their early 20’s who are setting into their adult lives without a “solid” life plan.

Regardless of how this book came into my possession, the above review consists of my honest opinion of the book and my opinion only.