Book Review | Owl and the Japanese Circus by Kristi Charish

Kristi Charish
Advance Reader Copy, 418 pages
Publication date:
January 13th 2015
Simon & Schuster Canada
Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

As a former archeology student, and lover of mythology I love it when archeology is mixed with elements of the supernatural. And in Kristi Charish’s Owl and the Japanese Circus that’s exactly what you will find.

Owl is a former archeology who is now an international antiquities thief, and despite the fact that she dislikes dealing with the supernatural she somehow manages to get dragged into their affairs. This book had an extremely interesting concept, and I always love reading books where there’s a strong female protagonist. Unfortunately it seemed that for the majority of the book, Owl was rescued more than she did the rescuing. I kind of had high expectations of her since she’s supposed to be incredibly proficient in her line of work, which did not seem evident to me until later on in the novel. In addition I was hoping for her to take matters into her own hands more. I also I found the fact that when she needed to be rescued, the identity of the person who was rescuing her and the reveal that followed to be all too convenient for my liking.

Meanwhile I found romance in the book to have progressed fairly quickly although maybe it’s because they have known each other for a while. In the final pages I was left with extremely mixed feelings regarding the relationship though it was not something that overwhelmed the central storyline. So in spite of the few things I did not care for, there was one component of this book I did enjoy. And that was the friendship between Owl and her business partner, Nadya. I felt it was a refreshing and excellent portrayal of a female friendship.

In conclusion, Owl and the Japanese Circus was a slightly predicting however it was still a somewhat entertaining read. Though I am not the biggest fan of this book, the epilogue did hook me in and I would be curious as to where Owl’s adventures take her next.

Regardless of how this book came into my possession, the above review consists of my honest opinion of the book and my opinion only.