Mystery Monday | The Crossing (Harry Bosch #20) by Michael Connelly

Mystery Mondays

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Who is it by? Michael Connelly has written around 27 books, and he is best known for his known for Bosch and Haller series. Before becoming a best-selling crime writer, he was formerly a newspaper reporter. Currently he serves as an executive producer of the Bosch TV series which is based on the books and is produced by Amazon.

What is it about? Recently forced into an early retirement Bosch is enlisted by half brother, Mickey Haller to assist him with a case. Though uneasy about working for the “other side”, after doing some investigating and research on his own he finds that there may be some truth in Haller’s claims and that the man Haller is working for may actually be innocent after all. And if that’s the case, then Bosch won’t rest until he finds the real killer no matter what he has to do.


Where does it take place? Mostly in LA near Hollywood.

Why did I like it? The Crossing is probably my most favourite Connelly book so far. It caught my attention from the start and my excitement over the synopsis was definitely warranted in this case. I loved getting to see the two brothers work together as they normally would be on opposing sides, and even if it’s not their first time working as a team it was still awesome to read.

I found it fascinating to witness Bosch’s internal struggle as he is so used to old way of life that the current situation he finds himself is incredibly challenging for him. Additionally, it was nice to see how he was able to slowly make peace with what he’s doing, and even if he showed no interest in continuing this line of work part of me hopes he will change his mind as he and Haller make a great team. Overall the case in this book was an intriguing one and there were definitely few twists that threw me for a second, and I adored every minute of it.

When is it out? November 3, 2015

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