Book Review | A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

Sandy Hall
Trade Paperback, 272 pages
Publication date:
August 26th 2014
Swoon Reads
Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.


“I like the idea that we’re getting to watch their lives without them knowing. And I know that might sound voyeuristic and weird and pathetic, but it also makes me happy. And I don’t have a ton of that kind of happy in my life at the moment, so let me enjoy some damn Starbuck customers falling in love!” (p. 57)

Have you ever had, in your group of friends, two people who seem made for each other although they still haven’t gotten together? You know that couple that’s not in reality a couple, that has you almost screaming, “Just hook up already!” This is what happens in Sandy Hall’s A Little Something Different. Lea and Gabe are two college students who just have that chemistry that every person in their lives can spot And while I was worried that the romance would have been shoved down my throat and the characters would be too pushy when it comes to getting together two people who don’t have chemistry, I was impressed that this was not the case. Lea and Gabe are extremely sweet together and I could not help but also ship them similar to everyone in their lives does.

There are several things that A Little Something Different does well, for instance, even based on the cover and the synopsis you can already tell that this will be a sweet love story. I loved that it took place in college instead of high school and that Lea was a freshman. This made me a bit nostalgic for my days as a freshman at university for the reason that I was definitely similar to Lea in that I was a bit shy, and I loved to write and similar to her, I was fortunate enough to have friends who were always pushing me to go outside my comfort zone and meet new people.

However, my favourite aspect of this book was how it was a love story told from multiple perspectives. We never essentially get to observe Lea or Gabe’s point of views nonetheless we get acquainted with them more through the interactions they have with the other characters. My favourite perspective was the creative writing professor, as she was just so cool and I can definitely picture myself also pairing up students in my mind if I were a teacher. Which I found hilarious even though it’s a bit weird and kind of crazy. I also liked the parts where the story was told from Lea’s friend, Danny’s point of view. Having Danny have the final say in the novel was just beyond wonderful.

On the other hand, there were the two points of views that I felt did not work too well. These were the parts told from the bench’s perspective as they came off as a bit condescending, and Hillary, who got on my nerves since she had an extremely, ridiculous sense of self entitlement. I also felt the conflict or rather what was keeping Gabe and Lea apart felt a bit out of place, especially near the final pages and the resolution fell a bit flat for me even if I was fond of the conclusion.

All in all A Little Something Different is an extreme fluffy and utterly adorable read and if that’s what you feel like you need at the moment then this book is a must read. Not only does it have a cute romance but it also has a remarkable cast of unique characters who also provide a strong and stable support system for Lea and Gabe as they slowly find their way to each other.

Regardless of how this book came into my possession, the above review consists of my honest opinion of the book and my opinion only.