November Blog Schedule

Sorry for the late post, this month has been all kinds of crazy! In additional to it being the most busy time of the year at work with all our events, I’ve been prepping for my team’s move to our new swing space. I’ll be glad for what (I hope) to be a much calmer November. Anyways I’m glad to be back this month with new reviews and posts every week this month that I hope you’ll enjoy. Feel free to let me know what you’re currently reading and what you’re excited for this month.


November 2 – The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand
November 6 – Righteous by Joe Ide
November 9 – Midweek Mini Reviews #9
November 13 –  Glass Houses by Louise Penny
November 15 – Midweek Mini Reviews #10
November 21 – The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce
November 23 – Siege of Shadows by Sarah Roughly
November 28 – Top Ten Tuesday
November 30Winter/Spring 2018 Preview (Raincoast Books)


September Blog Schedule

This summer just flew by! Although I’m not going back to school, September still feels like the start of a new year for me.  Fall also means many new book releases! I’m looking forward to a couple of book events in the coming week and to all the amazing fall releases. What are you guys looking forward to in the coming months? Feel free to let me know in the comments below. I’ll see you guys again in November as I’ll have to go on a mini hiatus next month since work will get super busy. Until then, I hope you guys enjoy the posts this month.


September 4 – Heart of the City by Robert Rotenberg
September 5Salt Houses by Hala Aylan
September 11The Late Show by Michael Connelly
September 12In Some Other Life by Jessica Brody
September 14 Fall Books Preview 2017
September 19 – I’ll Have What She’s Having: Nora Ephron and the Three Movies that Changed Romantic Comedy by Erin Carlson
September 21 – A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland
September 27 – Mid-Week Mini Reviews #8
September 28 – Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin

May Blog Schedule

April was a busy month for me personally. And after all the chaos, I’m glad that I’ll be finally able to travel in a few days. And while it may just be me running away for a bit, I could really use the break from all the craziness that’s been happening in my life. Plus I could really use a change.

Interestingly enough the trip itself has brought on some interesting situations that will have to be dealt with once I arrive in the country that I’m travelling to. But here’s to hoping that there are no major mishaps and/or drama and that my trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Anyways I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but if you’re still reading and following my blog, I just want to take this time to say thank you. This month I’m back to posting (almost) twice a week, and I’m hoping to keep it up for next month too (fingers crossed).


May 8 – Party Girls Die in Pearls by Plum Sykes
May 10 – Mid-Week Mini Reviews #5
May 16 – The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord
May 17 – Waiting on Wednesday #24
May 30 – The Truth About Happily Ever After by Karole Cozzo
May 31– The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen: Awesome Female Characters from Comic Book History by Hope Nicholson

March Blog Schedule


February was a pretty fun filled month that felt like it just flew by, which is why if I’m honest I’m not looking forward to the month of March (with its no work holidays) as much. Fortunately I have a few fun things planned during this month to help the days go by faster. In fact tonight I’m going to an advance screening of the Before I Fall movie and I’m also hoping to go to make it to a GTA Bloggers Hangout later this week as well.

Next month, Words of Mystery will be taking a bit of a break as I will be busy with work and hopefully some travel prep. But I’ll be back with new posts come May. Until then, I hope the following posts this month.


March 6 – IQ by Joe Ide
March 9 – Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde
March 14 – The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See
March 16 – The Mother of All Questions by Rebecca Solnit
March 22 – Mid-Week Mini Reviews #4
March 23 – The Last Days of Café Leila by Donia Bijan
March 28 – How to Make a French Family: A Memoir of Love, Food, and Faux Pas by Samantha Verant
March 29 – Waiting on Wednesday #24
March 30Miss You by Kate Eberlen

November Blog Schedule


Finally October is over! Though to be honest it wasn’t as bad as I expected, slightly hectic but not too overwhelming. Somehow between all the event preparations and working various events, I still managed to have some fun as well. I went to a couple of IFOA (International Festival of Authors) events in Toronto and I even got to attend a Fall Preview at the Penguin Random House Offices.

This past month I’ve gotten really into the Poke food trend, thanks to my co-workers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what Poke is, its basically a sushi bowl and was something that originated from Hawaii. Fortunately for me, a bunch of new Poke places have opened up downtown. My top picks would have to be Pokeito (which my coworkers LOVE) and The Poke Box. Other than food and bookish stuff, I’m gotten news that my work team may be expanding. Which is both cool and slightly daunting, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

I hope you guys enjoy the coming posts this month, and feel free to let me know your thoughts, I’ll be on hiatus next month but I’ll be back in full force come January. As always, thank you for visiting my blog.


November 3  The Wangs vs. the World by Jade Chang
November 8 My (Part-Time) Paris Life: How Running Away Brought Me Home by Lisa Anselmo
November 10 – Wonder Women: 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History by Sam Maggs
November 15 Faithful by Alice Hoffman
November 17 Winter Preview Picks
November 21 – Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness by David Casarett
November 24 – Fate of Flames by Sarah Raughley
November 29 – The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon
November 30 – Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill

January Review Schedule

Jan 2016

2015 flew by so fast! It was also a busy year for me, I went back to school and completed an internship at a hospital. I also turned my summer part-time job into a full-time temporary one. Furthermore, I was also fortunate enough to attend so many bookish events, and I hope to do more in the new year like, BEA! If you guys are still reading my blog after all this time then, thank you and if its your first time here then welcome and thanks for reading. I hope you all have a wonderful 2016 and that its filled with much joy and opportunity. And I hope you enjoy the reviews I have planned for this month.


January 5 – Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
January 7Madly by Amy Alward
January 25 – The Princeling of Nanjing (Ava Lee #8) by Ian Hamilton
January 26 – The Year We Fell Apart by Emily Martin