November Posting Schedule

Last month was one filled with a bit of work craziness, though not too much as I’ve learned to how to prep things in advance.

It was also a month with a couple of fun book events including two previews and one thriller themed meet and greet, stay tuned for more about the previews on the blog in the coming weeks.

Fall is my favourite season, and while November isn’t my favourite month per say I am looking forward to another fall book preview this month as well as some quality hang time with my friends.

I hope you guys enjoy this month’s content, and be sure to vote on which book I should read next in this month’s “What’s Next” post.


November 7 Midweek Mini Reviews #18
November 8 – 5 Books from Penguin Random House That I’m Excited For This Fall and Winter
November 13 – All You Can Ever Know: A Memoir by Nicole Chung
November 15- Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix by Julie C. Dao
November 20 –  Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships That Changed History by Sam Maggs
November 21 – Waiting on Wednesday #26
November 27Call Them by Their True Names: American Crises by Rebecca Solnit
November 29 – What’s Next? #5

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