Words of Asia | Introduction


When it comes to literary fiction, I have a preference for books that are set in Asian countries or tell the stories of Asian people. Although I identify as a Vietnamese-Canadian, I still find stories of people of other Asian descents more relatable than any other kind of literary fiction. And it’s not just the stories of Asian immigrants – even stories that take place in modern Asian strike a chord with me. For instance, I can relate to the helicopter parents who say they only want what’s best for you, and I can definitely relate to the concept of pushy relatives who have no sense of personal space. I also find myself nodding when I read about characters who to show their love through actions, and even food rather than saying I love you and displaying their love for each other in a more public manner. Little things like these were also a part of my experience, growing up as an Asian (specifically Vietnamese) Canadian.

As a result, I came up with the “Words of Asia” blog event so that I can do my part in highlighting a couple of interesting books that take place in Asia, and feature Asian characters (or characters of Asian descent) to anyone who comes across or reads my blog. Since May in Canada is Asian Heritage Month, and my most anticipated release written by Kevin Kwan – China Rich Girlfriend – is out in mid-June, I thought the next few weeks would be the perfect time to devote my blog to showcasing these kinds of stories that I love so much. I hope you will enjoy this blog event, and feel free to let me know what you liked about this blog event and what I can do better next time.

Just a little comic of something that happened four years ago, before then I hadn't been asked this for awhile...
Just a little comic of something that happened four years ago, before then I hadn’t been asked this for awhile…


4 thoughts on “Words of Asia | Introduction

  1. Love your cartoon! So funny! I’m Asian (Filipino) and people always think I’m Mexican.. Hehe

    I haven’t really read much Asian inspired contemporaries because I avoid readin contemporary. I have read loosely inspired Asian dystopian (Lunar Chronicles!) and historicals but they don’t really show our culture

    Totally understand parents and family members (extended family members included) hehe

  2. Love your comic Lynne. :). I am also Asian (Filipino) and people always mistake me as Mexican… 🙂 I’ve never really read Asian inspired novels.. I know, I’m bad but I avoid contemporary fiction. I’ve read Asian inspired YA dystopian and historicals but they don’t really show our Asian culture as much 🙂

    Totally agree about the parents and family. Hahaha
    Found you from Book Addicts Guide Book and a Beverage feature

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