Book Review | Crime Seen by Kate Lines

Kate Lines
Hardcover, 247 pages
Publication date:
April 7th 2015
Random House Canada
Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.


“We may have been deep underground, but where we were was definitely the real world, where trying to understand the criminal mind could be a matter of life or death.” (p. 4)

As somebody who once flirted with the idea of becoming a profiler, I was looking forward to reading Crime Seen as not is it by a former profiler, but one that is also a Canadian and a woman. For those of you who love watching crime show dramas similar to CSI, Criminal Minds or even Bones, I would definitely recommend that you pick this book up. As a proud Canadian, I loved the fact that the authour herself is Canadian as its more common for us to observe how the American police system works since that is what’s usually portrayed in TV shows and movies.

Having taken a few courses in law and psychology in university, I took pleasure in reading the book and recognizing several of the methods and theory from what I learned in class. Although, the majority of it was stuff I was already aware of, it was still interesting to read the first hand experience of a Canadian police officer and profiler. Not only do you get to read on the subject of how a profile is created, and how a profiler mind works on the job, but you also get a glimpse into the possible inner workings of various criminals.

However, Crime Seen is more than a book concerning crime; it’s also an extremely inspiring story concerning how one woman was persistent and took every opportunity that came her way to advancing herself and work her way up the ladder in a field that still is today dominated by men. As one of the Canadians to study at FBI academy, Kate Lines broke through countless glass ceilings on her way to the top and to her position as the chief superintendent of the OPP. As this is also her story, we get to witness what it was like being a woman on the police force when women were just starting to become police officers. In particular, I enjoyed her recollections of her time as an undercover cop. Since, this is an area that is often glamorized by Hollywood; it was refreshing to hear about the grittier, less luxurious side of doing undercover work.

Finally, Crime Seen is also a story concerning the victims of the cases that Lines worked on throughout her career. The stories she shares regarding the victims and their families are both raw and meaningful whether or not they had a “happy ending”. And as these were real life cases, there wasn’t always a pleasant, happy ending with all the loose ends tied up. All in all, I found Crime Seen a compelling read that was truly difficult to put down.

Regardless of how this book came into my possession, the above review consists of my honest opinion of the book and my opinion only.

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