Early Book Review | Texts from Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters by Mallory Ortberg

Mallory Ortberg
Advance Reader Copy, 228 pages
Publication date:
November 4th 2014
Henry Holt and Co.
Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

If you’re the type of person who loves to text or have a friend who loves sending you odd, random and maybe even weird texts, then you will definitely appreciate Texts from Jane Eyre by Mallory Ortberg. The concept for this book is quite simple; it’s basically a collection of various text and text conversations featuring real life, significant figures in literature as well as the fictional texts of numerous well known characters both from classical and modern literature. Personally, I found that I preferred reading the “texts” from the fictional characters rather than the ones that are supposed to be from the real life historical figures.
As I am not well versed in classical writers or poets, those texts were a bit of a miss for me. However for the majority I enjoyed the “text messages” from the fictional characters as I felt the writer did a decent job overall of capturing the essence of these characters. For instance, I felt she hit the nail on the head with the Pride and Prejudice texts conversations which were hilarious in their portrayal of Mrs. Bennet whose craziness was amplified through the messages she sent. I also loved the text messages exchanged between Laurie and Jo from Little Women and the texts exchanged between Cathy and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights as I felt they perfectly captured the relationship of those characters. In addition, I loved how they seem to provide a voice to my own thoughts of the characters as the conversations provided proof that I was not unwarranted in my opinions of these characters. In the end however, it was the imaginary text conversation between Hermione and Ron. I am a enormous fan of their pairing and I loved the fact that they were in this book as part of the series of conversations with fictional characters of more modern works.
So if you love books, and fictional characters and maybe even fan fiction you should definitely pick up Texts from Jane Eyre and Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters by Mallory Ortberg. Sure several pieces can be a hit or miss depending on what characters and people you are familiar with nevertheless it’s still a book worth checking out as I’m sure there’s something in it for every person to get pleasure from.

Regardless of how this book came into my possession, the above review consists of my honest opinion of the book and my opinion only.


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