Blog Tour | Depth of Field by Chantel Guertin Book Review


Chantel Guertin
Trade Paperback, 195 pages
Publication date:
August 12th 2014
ECW Press
Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.


“…life doesn’t always unfold the way you think, the way you see it. There are layers. I hold my camera up and start snapping. Focusing not on the obvious, but on the unexpected, on the layers. Changing my field of depth. ” (p. 177)

A while ago, I put down Chantel Guertin’s Depth of Field as one of my Waiting on Wednesday picks, and was immediately contacted by the publisher and asked if I would like to be on the blog tour, which of course I wholeheartedly agree to.

In her YA debut, The Rule of Thirds we are introduced to protagonist Pippa Greene, who is a smart, quirky aspiring photographer who is dealing with a personal tragedy that still affects her through the anxiety attacks she has. We get introduced to her life, and her family and friends and we follow her as she develops a romance with her crush. However the first book left many unanswered questions which paved the way for a sequel, Depth of Field.

To start off, what I liked about Depth of Field is that it puts Pippa, who has matured a bit since the first book into a situation where she is completely out of her element. This time because of the distance she no longer has her best friend, her mom or her boyfriend to always go to when she needs help or advice. This forces her to meet new people while getting to know one particular character better. Depth of Field’s biggest strength is that it does an excellent job of expanding on the first book, giving answers to unanswered questions about Ben and about Pippa’s family while still being an enjoyable read that can be picked up even without having read The Rule of Thirds. However this brings me to what I was not a fan of in the book, and that is the whole love triangle from the first book being revisited. After watching and loving the romance develop between Pippa and her now boyfriend in the in the first book of a series I was excited to get back to the couple, only for the love triangle that had died in the first book to re-emerge in the second book. And while learning about Ben was supposed to make me feel sympathetic to him despite his actions in the story I still was not feeling it though I did think seeing his back story fleshed out his character a tad more.

Overall, Depth of Field was a quick read and while it was enjoyable, I felt it was not as strong as The Rule of Thirds. That being said it was just as emotional of a read as the last book, in fact the scene where we find out the real story of how her family came to be near the end made me cry as it was sweet and touching. And while there is still another book after this one, given the ending of Depth of Field, I am not quite sure I will pick up the next book even though I am curious as to how it will all end. This is mostly for the reason that I am worried about how the whole love triangle will be handled as I would hate to see one guy killed off or turned into a jerk suddenly to get rid of him as an option. Nevertheless, if you like a nice, fast realistic summer read, and if you like photography you should definitely check out either The Rule of Thirds or Depth of Field or both. However if you’re looking to read the first book first, check out this link here as the entire first book will be online for the summer.

And if you’re interested in reading this book, the publisher has generously given me an extra copy to give away. So if you live in Canada, and are interested in winning the book just click on the link below to be redirected to the contest page. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Regardless of how this book came into my possession, the above review consists of my honest opinion of the book and my opinion only.

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