Top Ten Tuesdays…My Reading Wishlist


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

Top Ten Nine Things On My Reading Wishlist

If I could make authors write about these things I would.

1. More stories about taking a gap year or going on an exchange in a country that’s not located in Europe. This is something I could relate having done both and although I enjoy many books about doing an exchange in France or Italy it would be nice to explore what happens in exchanges in other countries.

2. Less love triangles, sorry but I’m not a fan of most love triangles out there.

3. Less trilogies and series and more duologies and stand-alones in YA.

4. More cultural and overall diversity in YA protagonist and on covers.

5. More books set in the 1960s, as much I adore stories set in the 1920s I would love to see more books set in the 1960s which is another one of my favourite decades

6. More mysteries in the young adult genre.

7. More positive portrayals of non-traditional families in YA.

8. Less stories where the heroine falls for the “bad boy” and picks him

9. More books that are “realistic” portrayals of the life of characters who have just graduated from college/university and are struggling to find their way in the world

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays…My Reading Wishlist

  1. I’m with you on less trilogies and series. I’m terrible when it comes to completing them – aside from Harry Potter and Twilight many moons ago. Standalones are definitely my book of choice. I have noticed more standalones in YA of late though – I’d like to see more though!

  2. oooh! so many people have wished for more 20s novels, it’s really interesting that you chose the 60s! I actually agree with you, especially if it’s set in America, purely because I personally have an interest in the civil rights movement era.

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