The Power of Words – guest post by writer Vanessa Grillone

Please join me in welcoming Vanessa Grillone author of My Pen, My Voice to the blog. We’re so excited to have her stopping by today on her blog tour! She’s kindly agreed to contribute this guest post:

“Powerful, Mysterious, Words… ”

Words have always been a mystery to me, or the power of them to be more precise. Some people say that actions are louder than words but for me that isn’t the case. I have always used the written word to get my point across. I’ve always found comfort in getting my thoughts and feelings down on paper.

Words are powerful and I didn’t realize just how powerful they were until I offended a few people with my first book and with a blog post or two. The thing with writing about people you know is that even if you don’t use their names, they still KNOW it’s about them. I believe in honest writing, that is the only way to be relatable, but I also understand how much words can hurt. So the question is what stories do you tell and what stories do you keep in your diary? That is a question I battle with often but I think that it’s become easier to write the truth without being offensive. Instead of making the post about someone else and pointing out what THEY did wrong, I turn it around on me. There are two sides to every story so I try to tell mine, I try to write about what I’ve learnt from the situation.

I’ve also tried the whole “talking” thing when it comes to something really important. First, I’ll write it out in my diary and if it’s still bothering me, I’ll talk to the person. I don’t put it online. I don’t publish it. When it comes to writing fiction and working on novels I find it a lot easier to write without care. With fiction you can take little pieces of everyday life and weave them into a story that no one has ever heard but that people can relate to. You can tell universal truths without having to hurt anyone, or at least that is what I plan on doing with my next novel. There’s no real point in writing if you can’t write the truth, is there?


Author Bio:
Vanessa (@VanessaGrillone) is a writer from Bolton, Ontario, who recently completed a publicity internship with Random House Canada. Her blog –My Pen, My Voice – is a mix of personal and lifestyle posts, with some beautiful book reviews thrown in to the mix. Vanessa is also a regular contributor to Chic Darling and Work Story. Her first book, titled My Pen, My Voice, is available now for purchase.


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